Working Together

More than ever, we are controlling devices around us through new, improved interfaces. Via voice, movement or even our presence, we are producing the desired response from phones, smart homes and other devices. Additionally, we have also become used to the simplicity and benefits of ‘Plug and Play’ between devices. We point our phone at our new smart speaker and the configuration is automatic and painless. We are bringing these simplified experiences to the factory floor.

These innovations could include motion signals through imaging sensors, speech control, voice commands, etc. and all solutions should also factor in reliability, practicality and scalability.

Do you have a novel interface (human to machine) or an innovative solution to enable different devices to work together (machine to machine) easily, quickly, reliably and securely?

Solutions could include or involve quickly changing tools or end effectors based on job requirements, integration of ABB Robots with third-party components or machines (and vice versa) or the easy addition of new sensors or control units for intuitive plug and produce manufacturing environments.

If your application to this challenge is successful, we would ask that you demonstrate your solution/prototype during the virtual pitch event and focus the collaboration on an integrated demonstration connecting ABB robots and ABB or third-party assets.

Who should apply?

You have a concept for a solution you would like to develop
You have a novel product which solves all or part of a challenge
You have a working prototype of a software or hardware solution
You would like to connect with ABB experts

The Process


Click the link on this website to make your application under one of the three challenges. The application only takes a few minutes to complete and requires your contact details and an outline of your concept or innovation. The challenge process is open for applications until 15th January 2021



Once we have your application, we will review it before getting in touch with you. If your application is successful, we will invite you to connect to the relevant ABB RA experts to learn more about ABB’s ideas and priorities. If we find a good fit, your venture will be shortlisted to present at our virtual Pitch Day, and you will be notified by the 19th February 2021.


Shortlisted candidates will be connected with relevant ABB RA experts for coaching and to produce a Pitch Deck which summarizes both the innovation and the fit with ABB. The goal is to demonstrate a useful collaboration approach for all. This will take place in early March 2021.


Prepared ventures will present their collaborative pitch to the ABB RA management team at our virtual pitch day on the 22nd March 2021. Ventures selected at pitch day will be invited to a funded collaboration program with ABB Robotics.